Saturday, April 16, 2016

Sing My Song Backwards- 334

Sing my song backwards from end to beginning,

Friday to Monday, from dying to birth.

Nothing is altered, but hope changes everything:

sine “Resurrection!” and “Peace upon Earth!”

Whisper a hope through the shame and the agony,

horror and emptiness, darker than night,

visit the wounds, and the failure of Calvary:

sing “Resurrection!” and bathe them in light!

Gather the bones and the sinews of memory-

healings and parables, laughter and strife,

joy with the outcasts and love for the enemy-

breath “Resurrection!” and dance them to life!

Stretch out a rainbow from cross to nativity.

Deck out the stables with shepherds and kings,

angels and miracles, glory and poetry:

sing my song backwards till all the world sings!

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