Monday, September 28, 2015

Stewardship Letter from Raemil

What do you do to further the body of Christ?
Every September or October, we go through the exercise of gathering information from the members of Deltona Christian Church about the intended tithes for the next year.  We use this to create the budget.  But we also take this opportunity to shine a spotlight on Stewardship.  Stewardship is the management of God’s resources.  For His Church, it means the management of Church and its resources for the further development of the body of Christ.  What does it take to do this?  YOU.  We have talked previously about we of the Church using our time, talent and treasure for the Church in stewardship.  But what we do, in all facets of Church life, affects how we develop the body of Christ. 
Time. Time devoted to calling people. Time devoted to helping in worship. Time devoted to cleaning a bathroom. Time devoted singing in the choir.  The time that you devote to any fellowship or ministry effort furthers the body of Christ.  Have you made a phone call on behalf of the Church?  Have you read scripture during church service? Have you cleaned up after fellowship?  Have you watered the plants in the garden?
Talent. Talent goes hand-in-hand with time.  You feel the Holy Spirit call you to use a talent that you have or been trained in to further the body of Christ. We have a very diverse congregation.  More so than you might think.  Some of you are retired.  Many are working or of working age.  A number more are just going to enter into the workforce. What do you do? What did you do?  What do you want to do?  Accounting, handyman, web blogger.  God works in many ways and can use your skills to further develop the body of Christ. Maybe you just have to ask how..
Treasure. The Bible says that we are to give ten percent to the Church.  This is the tithe.  In history, the tithe was used to support the Levites, the priest tribe who was devoted to the service of God.  Today, we give to pay salaries, utilities, required insurance, buy cleaning supplies, office supplies, mulch for the garden, chairs, tables,  books, food for the Lord’s Kitchen, on and on.  All that we give goes to further the body of Christ.
What do you do to further the body of Christ? 

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Bulletin 9 27 15

Greetings & Announcements                                                            Pastor Susanna
Gathering in God’s Presence
  Prelude                                                                                                       Miles Sutton   
  Acolytes bring the light of God into our worship space
*Call to Worship (Read Responsively)  Adapted from Psalm 19          Brenda Morales
One: The law of the LORD is perfect,
Many: It revives the soul.
One: The decrees of the LORD are sure,
Many: They make the simple wise.
One: The precepts of the LORD are right,
Many: They make our hearts rejoice.
One: May the words of our mouths and
             meditations of our hearts be acceptable to you,

Many: O LORD our rock and our redeemer.
 *Opening Hymn                       Great Is Thy Faithfulness                                 86
*Prayer of Approach and Lord’s Prayer                         Brenda Morales
(using debts and debtors)

Proclaiming God’s Word

  Scripture Reading                                                                        Greg Porter
Hebrew Lesson                                                                    Esther 7:1-10
Epistle Lesson                                                                    James 5:13-20
Click here to read the scripture lesson 
One: The Word of God for the people of God
Many: Thanks be to God!
  Time for God’s Children                                                        Pastor Susanna
(Children aged k-8th grade can come up to the steps for this lesson.    
      After, the kids can go next door to Kids Central.)

Anthem                                   Children of the Heavenly Father                                 Choir
  Pastoral Prayer                                                                              Pastor Susanna
  Sermon                              Where Are You Gonna Turn?           Pastor Susanna
Responding to God’s Word

  Prayer of Commitment                                                                            Pastor Susanna

*Invitation Hymn                         “Are Ye Able,” Said the Master                           621
 (come forward at this time to unite with our church family,
for a prayer, or to commit your life to Jesus Christ.)

  Communion Meditation                                             Pastor Susanna
  Communion Hymn                    Let Us Break Bread Together                   425
  Prayer for the Bread and Cup                                                 Brenda Morales
  Distribution and Sharing of Emblems                       The Diaconate
(Eat the Bread when served. Please hold the Cup
and we will drink together.)
  Offering Meditation and Prayer of Dedication
*Doxology                    Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow                          46
Taking God’s Word to the World

*Parting Hymn                                 Amazing Grace!                                          546
*Acolytes take the light of God out into the World
*Benediction                                                                          Pastor Susanna
*Postlude                                                                                        Miles Sutton

Bulletin 6 7 20

Call to Worship:     One: By the calling of God’s Holy Spirit, we gather in the name of the living Christ to worship God. Many: Su...