Sunday, March 24, 2019

Bulletin 3 24 19

Order of Worship
Greetings & Announcements—Rev. Susanna Consla Orensky                                    
 Gathering in God’s Presence
Prelude – Valentine Agranovsky                                                                                     
 Acolyte - Mick Miller brings the light of God into our worship space

*Call to Worship (Read Responsively) - Anna Miller                     
One: We are summoned here by our Holy God, who calls us each by name, and gathers us together in the unity of Jesus Christ.
 Many: From classroom and kitchen and carpool, we are called into God’s presence. Young and old and middle-aged, individuals and families, soft-spoken and outspoken, we hear our names being called to join in worship.
One: This house of worship is a place to pursue God’s vision for all people: unity and joy and faith, expressed through different gifts.
Many: Praise the Lord!

*Hymn                            “God of Grace and God of Glory”                                   464    
 Prayers                (Use debts in the Lord’s Prayer).      
Proclaiming God’s Word
Scripture Reading -  Betty Young
Gospel Lesson                                                                 Luke 13: 1-9

(pg. 1091 in pew Bible; 1619 Large Print Bible)
              One: The Word of God for the people of God

Time for God’s Children with Pastor Susanna
(Children can come up to the steps for this lesson)                                


Anthem                 “This Do in Remembrance of Me ”         Choir
Sermon       “Bound By Guilt, Bound to Grace” -  Rev. Susanna Consla Orensky

Responding to God’s Word
*Hymn                                         “Amazing Grace”                                                  546

(Come forward at this time to unite with our church family, for a prayer,
or to commit your life to Jesus Christ).
Hymn                                  “We Come as Guests Invited”                                    386

  (Eat the Bread when served. Please hold the cup and we will drink together.
All bread served is gluten free & the cup holds grape juice.)
*Response                        47 
Taking God’s Word to the World
*Hymn                                          “Sweet, Sweet Spirit”                                     261

*Acolyte take the light of God out into the World

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Order of Worship Greetings & Announcements—Rev. Susanna Consla Orensky                                        Gathering in God...