Saturday, October 24, 2015

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Welcome to Deltona Christian Church!  This is Youth Sunday.  Today our    worship was planned by our youth and they will lead us as we come to worship God.

  Greetings & Announcements                                                                  Pastor Susanna
Gathering in God’s Presence

  Prelude                                             City On Our Knees                                        Toby Mac
  Acolytes bring the light of God into our worship space
*Call to Worship (Read Responsively)                                 Megan Engelkens
One:  Lord, we come before you as your children.
Many: We humbly seek your unconditional love.
One:  Our constant struggle to live more like you day by day                         Causes us to seek you face to face.
Many:  Remind us that to love as your child is to seek to shine your light.
One:  We need to give up the things that hide your light.
Many: Help us to shine your brightness into the world,
so that everyone may know your love.
 *Opening Hymn                                Awesome God                                      Insert
*Prayer of Approach and Lord’s Prayer                                  Brielle Walker
(using debts and debtors)

Proclaiming God’s Word

  Hymn of Prayer                         You Are My All in All                              Insert
  Scripture Reading                                                            Benjamin Orensky
Gospel Lesson                                                                    Mathew 5:13-16
One: The Word of God for the people of God
Many: Thanks be to God!

  Time for God’s Grown Ups                     Rachel Orensky, Felicity Johnson
(Children aged k-8th grade can come up to the steps for this lesson.    
      After, the kids can go next door to Kids Central.)
  Anthem How Majestic is Your Name        Choir
  Youth Drama 
  Special Music            Youth Horn Choir
  Pastoral Prayer                                                                                               Pastor Susanna
  Sermon                                                                              Austin Engelkens, Eden Orensky
  Puppets Cliff Miller, Mick Miller
Responding to God’s Word

  Prayer of Commitment                                                                             Pastor Susanna
*Invitation Hymn                       This Little Light of Mine                           Insert
 (come forward at this time to unite with our church family,
for a prayer, or to commit your life to Jesus Christ.)

  Communion Meditation                                                             Youth
  Communion Hymn               They’ll Know We Are Christians                          494
  Prayer for the Bread and Cup                   Stephanie Diaz, Christine Shewey
  Distribution and Sharing of Emblems                              The Youth
(Eat the Bread when served. Please hold the Cup and we will drink together.)
  Communion Music                              Fix My Eyes           King and Country
  Offering Meditation and Prayer of Dedication
  Offering Music                                          Holy Spirit                  Jesus Culture
*Doxology                    Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow                          46
Taking God’s Word to the World

*Parting Hymn                                     Pass It On                                                  477
*Acolytes take the light of God out into the World
*Benediction                                                                          Pastor Susanna
*Postlude                                                                                        Miles Sutton

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Call to Worship:     One: By the calling of God’s Holy Spirit, we gather in the name of the living Christ to worship God. Many: Su...