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Bulletin 9 30 18

Order of Worship
Greetings & Announcements                                     
 Gathering in God’s Presence
 Acolytes bring the light of God into our worship space
*Call to Worship
(Read Responsively) based on Psalm 124
One: If God had not been with us, when the whole world seemed to be
against us
Many: We would have been drowned in the torrents of violence and rage.
One: If God had not been for us
Many: We would have lost our lives in the pounding waters
One:  Give thanks to God
Many:  God has never left us abandoned, nor thrown us to the
wolves.  God is ever with us.
*Hymn                                            “A Mighty Fortress“                                      65

Proclaiming God’s Word
 Scripture Reading                                                                                           
Hebrew Lesson                      Esther 7:1-6,9-10
(pg. 1230 in pew Bible; 1827 in Large Print Bible)
              One: The Word of God for the people of God
Many: Thanks be to God!
 Time for God’s Children
(Children aged k-8th grade can come up to the steps for this lesson)
 Choir Anthem             “Children Bound for Heaven”                                            
  Sermon                                                Guillotine    
Responding to God’s Word
*Hymn                        “They’ll Know We are Christians”           494   

 (Come forward at this time to unite with our church family, for a prayer, or to     commit your life to Jesus Christ)
Hymn                                       “You are My All  in All”                                        Insert

  (Eat the Bread when served. Please hold the Cup and we will drink together.
All bread served is gluten free & the cup holds grape juice.)
*Response                    Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow”                     47

Taking God’s Word to the World
*Hymn                                “Praise to the Lord, the Almighty”                                   25  

*Acolytes take the light of God out into the World


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