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Welcome to Deltona Christian Church!  We come as people entrusted with a story that has the power to heal the world.  Together we tend in our hearts the wonder of the story of God’s vision of love and provision.

 Greetings & Announcements                                                                   Pastor Susanna

Gathering in God’s Presence
  Prelude                                                                                                   Valentine Agranovsky
  Acolytes bring the light of God into our worship space
*Call to Worship (Read Responsively)
One: We gather in the name of the living Christ to worship God.
Many: Surely, God is in this place and calls us to worship in spirit and in truth.
One: God’s love is for you and for all people everywhere.
Many: That we may share God’s love and life, may we be renewed in the refreshing Spirit of the living Christ.
One: The living Christ is with us.
Many: Praise the Lord!

*Opening Hymn        God of Grace and God of Glory                                    464

*Prayer of Approach and Lord’s Prayer                                    Raemil Billings
(using debts and debtors)

Proclaiming God’s Word
  Scripture Reading                                                                             Anna Miller
Gospel Lesson                      Joshua 1:1-9
              One: The Word of God for the people of God,
Many: Thanks be to God!
  Time for God’s Children                                                              Pastor Susanna
(Children aged k-8th grade can come up to the steps for this lesson)
  Anthem                I Will Call Upon the Lord                                             Choir
  Prayer of Intercession
  Sermon                                           The Role of Scripture                            Pastor Susanna
  Prayer of Commitment                                                                                  Pastor Susanna   

Responding to God’s Word
*Invitation Hymn               We Call Ourselves Disciples                                          357

(Come forward at this time to unite with our church family,
for a prayer, or to commit your life to Jesus Christ)

  Communion                         Draw Us in the Spirit’s Tether                             392

  Prayer for the Bread and Cup                                                   John Hamilton
  Distribution and Sharing of Emblems                       The Diaconate
(Eat the Bread when served. Please hold the Cup and we will drink together.
All bread served is gluten free & the cup holds grape juice.)

  Offering Meditation and Prayer of Dedication
*Response                    Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow                         47

Taking God’s Word to the World
*Parting Hymn                                   Day by Day                                                 599

*Acolytes take the light of God out into the World
*Benediction                                                                         Pastor Susanna
*Postlude                                                                          Valentine Agranovsky


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